2024 Vehicle Exhibitor Registration Is SOLD OUT. Spectators are FREE.

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Muscle On The Beach is a labor of love, raising funds to support the Sandoway Discovery Center through the hard work and kindness of many, many people. In addition to our sponsors and vendors, we owe a BIG THANKS to:

Thanks For Your Support

City of Delray Beach,

Terrence Moore

City of Delray Beach Parks & Recreation Dept,

Nan Krushinski, Sam Metott

Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority

The Little Blue Plane

Adam Nelson

Ringdahl Pest Control

Sharni Yerke

M&P Apparel

SM Digital

Summit Racing

Thanks For Volunteering

Bob Kubin

George Harvey

Steve Adamsky

Kelly Barrette

Bonnie Damiani

Chuck Damiani

Jack Indeku

Randi Walden

Clint Murphy

Teri Fedak

John McLaughlin

Jamie Fisher

Martha Kerr

Rob Rankin

Tom Wilhite

Jill Schifferli

Mindy Goldman Fisher

Carla Azzata

Pam Hastings

Lisa Levinson

Gayle Clark

Terry Roy

Danica Sanborn

Susan Russo

Interested in volunteering? Email us @ [email protected]

Friends of Sandoway

Susan Russo

Juli Casale


Randy Yasny & Pamela Hastings

Michelle Quigley

Richard & Janie Hirsch

Nazanin Baldwin

Carla & Jackson Langford

Bruce & Renie Shandler